Thank you to one of our special friends for the very special handmade ornaments for one of our holiday trees.
1 day ago, Jeannie Doescher
Thank you
These 4K students reached milestones in 1000 Books Before Kindergarten last week, and they're pretty excited about it!
2 days ago, Melissa Everson
This proud boy used his coupon today to assist Mr. Briggs for a half hour.
7 days ago, Derik Doescher
Ms. Laura, children's programming specialist at the Albertson Memorial Library, made her monthly visit to Mrs. Everson's classroom to read stories to our 4K students. This visit brought the students to 138 books read in the classroom this year!
8 days ago, Melissa Everson
Look, Care Coupons turned in to read the Pledge of Allegiance....We are "Thankful" for our students and staff. Great work kiddos.
8 days ago, Jeannie Doescher
The HS basketball season is upon us & our COMETS will be playing on the hardwood all winter long. Shared are this year's rosters of the boys and girls high school teams. Albany HS Boys Basketball Roster 2023-2024 Albany-Monticello HS Girls Basketball Roster 2023-2024
9 days ago, Derik Doescher
This week we had Care Coupons turned in to read the Pledge of Allegiance....simply brings a smile to your face! Thank you.
11 days ago, Jeannie Doescher
This week we had Care Coupons turned in to read the Pledge of Allegiance....wonderful job!
11 days ago, Jeannie Doescher
Thank you Ms.Jolene for sharing your quilting expertise with the first graders. The first graders have been learning about patterns, counting on, and fractions by making quilts.
11 days ago, Traci Crain
Cupcake Wars has begun! The Confectionery Arts students have created some phenomenal products! The judges have a tough job!
12 days ago, Alicia Russell
Judging in session
Strawberry Lemonade
Cowboy killer
farm animals
Mud to gold
Albany School District-Honor Roll The Albany School District would like to recognize and congratulate the following students who made the honor roll for quarter 1, keep up the great work!
13 days ago, Jeannie Doescher
Today was our 50th day of school! The first graders celebrated by counting to 50, playing Race to 50, and listening to 50's music.
13 days ago, Traci Crain
5th grade students created simple models of the ocean and sky to compare how the temperature of both affect evaporation and condensation.
13 days ago, Sara Freitag
Today we recognized three individual staff members for representing our Measures of Excellence. They demonstrate excellence in Communication, Commitment, Teamwork, and Professional Growth. Congratulations to (L-R) Mrs. Morgan Brown, Mr. Derik Doescher, Mrs. Jeannie Doescher!!
14 days ago, Albany School District
MOE Recipients
Today was an exciting day for the Albany School District. We started our 2023-2024 School year with our Quarter 1 C.A.R.E Assembly. 28 Albany students were acknowledged today for their outstanding Citizenship. 36 additional students had their C.A.R.E coupons pulled to claim remarkable gifts. There is something so SPECIAL when our schools all come together(4K-12) and we acknowledge our magnificent students. Way to go Comet Nation!
14 days ago, Jeannie Doescher
This excited first-grade student used the "Eat With a Teacher" coupon he got from the Comets Care store recently. He chose to have lunch with Mr.Ritzert.
15 days ago, Jeannie Doescher
The Albany-Monticello HS girls basketball season starts on Tuesday, November 14th with JV & Varsity games at Benton HS. (6:00 & 7:15pm) These games will be livestreamed on youtube at the following web address:
15 days ago, Derik Doescher
The PTO will hold a BINGO Nght in the cafeteria tomorrow, 11/14, at 5:30. Join for fun and prizes!
16 days ago, Amber Becher
In addition to the two or three books we read in our classroom each day, our 4K students count and track books read at home to meet their goals in our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge. Congratulations to these students for hitting major milestones this past week.
18 days ago, Melissa Everson
Aiden demonstrated an apricot dessert, a popular dish in Russia, after presenting a power point about Russia.The students in International Foods then prepared and sampled a Russian dish made with buckwheat kernels, Stroganoff, Chicken Kiev and Little Russian Pastries.
18 days ago, Alicia Russell
apricot pudding
apricot pudding almost done
Russian pastries