Thank you for supporting our fair graphic

Our Fall 2022 Book Fair was our most successful ever! Over nine hundred dollars of new books were added to our elementary classroom libraries to refresh and revitalize them. Even better, every Albany elementary student was given the opportunity to purchase a book from the book fair by Albany’s generous PTO! 

Thanks to all who participated and visited our fair. 

A special thanks to the following people: 

  • Mrs. Wendy Pryce and Mrs. Amanda Rowe for their tireless help in setting up. The fair would not have been as inviting without them. 
  • This year's Fabulous  Fifth Grade Media class who made decorations, posters, and put together advertising materials.
  • Our amazing 4K teacher, Mrs. Sarah Ude, who set up and arranged the PTO donation for our students. 
  • Our wonderful team of elementary educators who helped the book fair run smoothly in so many ways, from supervising to selecting books to helping students to calculate tax. 

It truly takes a community to build a lifelong love of reading in our students! 

As a side note, if your child did not spend all of their eWallet funds or find what they were looking for, the online component to our fair will be open through November 20th! 

The online fair can be found at