Comet Media students edit their video

Albany High School's new Comet Media class produced their first weekly video, and presented it to the school. 

Their first video includes an interview with a staff member, sports highlights, fun interview questions with students and staff, a joke of the week, and a Spanish word of the week. 

The Comet Media students have been busy the first month of school learning how to use the new media technology and software. At their disposal are new cameras, microphones, tripods and equipment for recording videos. The students are using two new Mac computers equipped with Final Cut Pro editing software. 

While some of the students have experience with recording and editing videos on phones or tablets, the task of creating and editing a longer video on the computer presented some new challenges. Teacher Bryce Broughton, and the Comet Media students, have utilized tutorials and examples in order to master the new editing software. 

Another challenge is getting comfortable being on camera for the interview segments - for both the Comet Media students and their interview subjects! 

The students are showing resourcefulness and independence in their acquisition of these new skills. Mr. Broughton shares that the success of the video, and the class, is due to the hard work and innovation of the students. 

The students will continue to develop and add to their weekly Comet Media videos. As the school year, and their skills progress, the class may look to create content for students at other grade levels. 

The Comet Media class will run first and second semester this school year. This class is just one of the many interactive and innovative courses offered through the Technology Education department. High school students can also take courses in Manufacturing, Construction, Metals and Welding, Woodworking, CAD/3D Printing, Small Engines, Robotics, Automotive Mechanics, House and Vehicle Ownership, and more. 

In addition to the new audio visual equipment, the Technology Education department has added other cutting edge and relevant equipment over the past years that help prepare students for future careers and life skills. The department has state-of-the-art 3D printers and vinyl cutter, and they have just received a grant for a new CNC plasma cutter.