Albany Comets Athletic Hall of Fame Nominations

Albany High School is pleased to accept nominations for inductions into the Albany Comets Athletic Hall of Fame.  Nominees should be people who have had a positive/significant impact to Albany athletics over the years.  A nominee may have had an impact to Albany athletics as an athlete, coach, fan, volunteer or in some other capacity.  Nominations will be accepted starting on  Friday, September 23rd & will end on Friday, October 21st.  Once the nomination period ends on October 21st, a committee will be formed to evaluate all nominations.  The evaluation process will narrow nominations down to a chosen three inductees into the 10th Hall of Fame Class.  The three inductees and/or the people that nominated the inductees will be contacted and given more information about the actual induction ceremony.  Once a nomination is made for a nominee, that nomination will stay in the rotation for future years of inductions if they aren’t inducted this first year.  (They won’t have to be re-nominated in future years.)  People making nominations will be contacted in late October  to inform them on whether or not their nominee will be inducted this year.  Albany has a long and rich athletics history and we invite you to nominate people from all time periods.

The following is established criteria for making a nomination:

  1. Name, address, & phone number of the person making the nomination.  

  2. First & last name of the nominee.

  3. A typed or written letter explaining who your nominee is & what they accomplished, or the significant impact that they had on Albany HS Athletics.  This portion of the criteria should be completed in two pages or less!

  4. Send your nominations via email or regular mail.  

***Email to Mr. Derik Doescher at:  derik.doescher@albany.k12.wi.us

***Mail to Mr. Derik Doescher:  

Albany High School                                                                                                                 

Attn: Mr. Derik Doescher

 PO Box 349

Albany, Wisconsin   53502

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Derik Doescher at the above email address.  Don’t forget that nominations are due by Friday, October 21st, 2022.