Middle School Resources

Academic & Career Planning


Xello -

We have not yet utilized Xello for Academic & Career Planning this school year, but is a great resource for career related research - careers, career professionals for discussion, colleges, technical colleges, resume building, journaling, community service hour tracker, etc.

To access you Xello account please Click Here or on the logo.

You will need to be logged into your Google account on your device for the above link to take you into your Xello account.

You should have also received a Google Classroom link for your grade level for Academic & Career Planning. There will be posted activities and helpful information as you are planning and researching for your future.

Understanding and Using Study Skills

  • Use and agenda or planner to keep up with your assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects (digital calendars like Google Calendar are great options too)

  • Ask questions when you have questions, do not wait until the last minute or after a test to ask a question about the material

  • Take advantage of quiz/test reviews that the teacher provides (they are providing that information because it will probably show up on the quiz or test)

  • Get enough sleep at night! It is challenging to stay focused and on task during school if you are tired!

  • Designate a space or area in your house where you will do homework and study

  • Plug your phone in on the OTHER side of the room, so you can work and study without distraction